Goodnight Justice Oputa* (A Tribute)

If death could be appeased,
I would have pleaded for Justice Oputa.
If old age can be reversed and healed,
Then I know I’ll see a healthy Oputa.

He said, ‘To hear with one ear and deliver judgement
Is a flagrant violation of the natural law of justice.’
The iconic jurist delivered a great judgment.
Now he parts from all earthly justice.

Let the gowns and wig mourn,
Let the giant Ikoro be sounded.
An enigma in the jurist world is gone,
But the Oputa spirit cannot be grounded.

I bid thee farewell with a salute
I sing my heart out from a distance
For the love, you showed to all I salute
And I know your legacies will be told as a story.

I bid thee goodnight great Oputa
The legal world salutes your altar.
I salute your doggedness and humility
I salute your ingenuity and great ability.
Let the flag fly at half mast
For we have lost a rare gem at last.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

* Justice Chukwudifu Akunne Oputa was born on 22nd September 1924 at Oguta and died on 11th May 2014.



Reviewer –  Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia- Enwemuche

Book Title- The Oracle of Isieke

Author-   Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia- Enwemuche

Publisher- Readon Publishers Limited

Year- 2013

Page- 100

In his debut novel, “The Oracle of Isieke”, Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia- Enwemuche tells a suspense-filled story revolving arounda young man, his village, his heart of forgiveness and the oracle that brought peace to the land of Isiaku.Reading through the book, you get this feeling of pleasurable fascination and excitement mixed with apprehension, tension, and anxiety developed from an unpredictable, mysterious, and rousing source of entertainment. This  actually made me to read the whole book without a halt and discovered the rich cultural content of the novel. Intriging, revealing, thrilling and interwoven in various captivating plots, the book delivers great value and morals and points a direction at how we can let go of offences and rather pursue peace and seek the overall or common good of all rather than the seeming satisfaction that comes with getting even.In this short story, the author blends culture, tradition, humour, hatred and love to tell a compelling tale that would move any mortal into empathy for the protagonist. Indeed, this looks real than fiction making one wants to be in Isiaku. I would personally love to see the grave side of Mazi Uchenna Okechukwua to salute his courage and tenacity during those trying moments and the wonderful Okilo,’the great’ in order to tap from his wealth of knowledge and fountain of his vocabulary.The writer’s use of simple language leaves the reader entwined in the story and creates a desire in the reader to be in the setting as the story unveils in quick succession. Indeed the book tells of the story of Isiaku in line with the moving quote in the opening page, ‘The people that forget their culture shall utterly be enslaved because every man has a history [root] and every village a story to tell.’  There is a lovely sequence in which poetry was used as a song to drive home the message of hatred for Mazi Uchenna by the village of Isiaku. The novel is timely in an era where our African culture which ordinarily lies supine in our present day society is brought to life by highlighting on strong cultural values and tradition. Typical African scenery was painted by using simple language and good chronological account with grains of humour dotted therein for proper understanding even by an average reader. Though I found the character of Mazi Obiorah interesting as the antagonist that brought doom on the village of Isiaku, I enjoyed the character of Okilo, ‘The great’ who in the midst of death ravaging the land, he had his cap of humor and tons of grammar to keep him happy.

The oracle itself was seriously stressed on as a powerful tool for restoring peace in any troubled land within the clans.

Though our culture maybe on trial on scale and balances, I was held spell bound by this wonderful piece that I wished I was at Isiaku when these events happened.

The writer achieved the essence of the subject matter as peace was achieved in the land of Isiaku by the forgiving heart of Mazi Uchenna Okechukwu.

I recommend it to the reading public, old and young, but most especially the youths in order to teach them some basic principles of life that anchors on honesty.

Grab your copy and get other copies for your family, friends and foes.

The author, Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche can be reached on mail:—-

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

My Heartbeat (A Poem)

My Heartbeat (A Poem)

There’re so many places to be
So many spots to visit
But I chose in between to be
I chose those two mountains to visit.

Smiles are innocuously contagious
Kisses can revive a dying soul
Your love towards me has made us
But your name have I etched in my soul.

New wines taste so good,
But the old ones can send you to sleep.
I will like to feel good,
But it will be better to fall asleep

I hope you feel my heartbeat
And feel yours too my dear.
Hear the syllabic sound of my heart beat
It beats with care MY-DEAR.

Maxwell O. Opia-Enwemuche
(C) 29-01-2014
The mind is a wonderful treasure to waste. Develop yours!

Give Me More of It (A Poem)

Give Me More of It

(For my amiable wife)

Life is nothing without love

Full of resentment and sorrow.

Without sentiment, what prevails is love

It keeps us alive with a secured tomorrow.
I was created through the Love of God

In His love was I conceived and born.

Now I enjoy the love of the true God

His blessings shine upon me like the sun. 

The love of God flows through various channels

And now I can see it so glaring in your heart.

You’ve shown me your love without reserve

Now I sing gloriously with joy in my heart. 

Now, I come alive everyday with great

heatAnd I ask you, my sweetest heart, give me more of it.

There are many blessings that come with love.

Now I can see them because of your wonderful love…

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

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A Mind Beat (Reflections)

The world should not define who you are.
Who you are comes alive when you care…
Care to dig inside out to see the truth.

Live everyday of your life in happiness
And without grudge, go to bed happy everyday.
No matter the situation of life, show a little kindness
And you’ll be a blessing to somebody someday.

Speak life into everything around you.
Think good always that you may embrace good today.
Don’t force yourself on people who don’t like you
And you’ll see the greatness in you everyday.

Remain steadfast in God our creator
Stay connected always to please Him
Strive to be like the creator
And above all live your life to please HIM.
(Cf Ecclesiastes12:13)

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi
The mind is a great treasure to waste. Develop it!

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The Beauty of Solitude (A Poem)

Who says that good things come easy?
Hard as they may seem, it’s always there.
Who says that you can’t become your dream?
Walk and think your dream
And you’ll sing your success story like fresh air.

The canaries sing their songs
Though loud and noisy, it tells their stories.
Termites build their termitarium with strength
Though messy as it may seem, it defines their existence.

There’s beauty everywhere even in solitude.
The world came into being from solitude
And man’s existence was a thought in solitude.
Now, I write quietly in solitude.

Who says that good things come easy?
Ask the gold and the crude oil about the word, ‘easy’
The world awaits my story
And it must speak loud into history.

In solitude i write without reserve
And I pray the beauty of Solitude be preserved.

Maxwell O. Opia-Enwemuche

Hear My Cry, Oh Flower! (A Poem)

I can hear people screaming my name
Like the weaver bird singing songs of mockery.
When shall we get rid of this shame?
These lunatics must be curtailed with alacrity.

Sodom and Gomorrhea were minors,
But what I see everyday is horrible.
Fathers and grand fathers fight with minors
And the news from the Tabloids are incredible.

This time we must stand against evil
And speak with one voice.
The time has come to say no to this evil
And speak with facts without noise.

Must we act like apes?
We must stop this incessant rapes.
Say no to this monster
Join this fight for the girl child restoration.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell O.
The mind is a great treasure to waste. Develop it!

Hear My Cry, Oh Flower!

I can hear people screaming my name
Like the weaver bird singing songs of mockery.
When shall we get rid of this shame?
These lunatics must be curtailed with alacrity.

Sodom and Gomorrhea were minors,
But what I see everyday is horrible.
Fathers and grand fathers fight with minors
And the news from the Tabloids are incredible.

This time we must stand against evil
And speak with one voice.
The time has come to say no to this evil
And speak with facts without noise.

Must we act like apes?
We must stop this incessant rapes.
Say no to this monster
Join this fight for the girl child restoration.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell O.
The mind is a great treasure to waste. Develop it!

‪ Show Me Thy Heart (A Poem)

What’s wrong with imagination

That my heart wonders without limit?

When is this coming to be, oh vision!

I can see you even in your naked meat.

Caress my mine with this passion.


I stand like a statue, yet your feelings consume me.

Where goeth thou to please my soul?

Think of me that I may live forever.

Your heart is what I need to cure my fever

Come to me that we may hum our love song together.

Oh virgin of my heart! Come to me

The lusts of my youth come and consume me.
Like the snail, I walk into her heart.

Encapsulated, my love I dare to show…

Where would I keep my fragile heart

That the world may see our love snow?

Like the horn of a unicorn, show me thy heart.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell O.

A Declaration from an Elder


Chinua Achebe

A declaration was made in a distant land

Saying that things fall apart

And people are no longer at ease

They sought for help under the Arrow of God

Consulting A man of the people

To seek guidance from Chike and the River

But my advice to you is beware soul brother.

How the Leopard got His claws in our land?

Stories of girls at war and other stories are heard

Collected poems are even spoken of

An image of African was presented

And the trouble with Nigeria was discussed

The Anthills of the Savannah was also highlighted

As well as, hopes and Impediments.


The Voter had conversations with Chinua Achebe*

About another Africa as well as his Home and exile

The education of a British protected Child was also discussed

The ordeals of this man made him declare that there was a country

And suggests that a man who makes trouble for others is also making trouble for himself


Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi


*Chinua Achebe was a Nigerian novelist, poet, professor, and critic. His first novel Things Fall Apart, often considered his best, is the most widely read book in modern African literature. He won the Man Booker International Prize in 2007.  He was born on 16 November 1930 at Ogidi in Anambra, Nigeria and died on 21 March 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

Where it all Started

Where it all Started

It all started in 1991 or there about when I joined a Catholic Organisation known as the Pages of the Blessed Sacrament (PBS) in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Benin City, Edo State. It will be a place where I will receive moral tutelage, mentoring onstage drama and script writing, leadership skill, directing of drama, public speaking ability, writing and others attribute so numerous to mention which will rub off on me.

My first day in the meeting which was normally held at the Old Classroom Two building as it was popularly known then. That building is no longer in existence as it has been demolished at the moment for a more sophisticated building which now sits majestically with a self-imposing structure

Before me and sitting on the moderating table was a young dark average height man who from all indication spoke eloquently with a good command of the Queen’s English. He presided over the meeting while reading out the agendum on the agenda of the meeting for orderliness. He later introduced himself as Justice Odigie Osagie, the president of the organization. He told me and others how the organization was formed by Friar Joemaria Nkeosekwu Itabor long time ago in Italy and later brought to Nigeria at St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Lafiaji, Lagos State. The organization was later brought to St. Augustine’s Catholic Church and later to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Benin City, Edo State by one Anthony Ijeoba who later handed over to Joefred Amago as the first indigenous president before him. He highlighted benefits from the movement to me and I can vehemently tell you here without mincing words that those benefits and much more came to fruition.


Justice Odigie Osagie had a formidable team which comprises of Frank Olague, Martins Edomwonyi, Fidelis Abebe, Anthony Ogbewere aka Tony BBS, Tony Eruanga, Oghogho Uzzi, Charles Oghene, Stephanie Idokpesi, Engr. Sunny Michael, Joefred Amago and others too numerous to mention. Together with his team, we were welcomed into the fold and given a sense of belonging to learn the ropes. Our introduction into the meeting sparked off a new era in Pages of the Blessed Sacrament that has never been seen before. After series of meeting with the general house, an offshoot of the house was created to run under the aegis of Crusading Committee. It all started with this sub-group of Crusading committee. A generation of youths will be coordinated by the Organising secretary for the general house, Mr. Martins Edomwonyi to take over youth activities in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Benin City, Edo State.


The Crusading Committee was formed with Opia-Enwemuche MacDaniels as the premier president while other positions allotted are listed below

  • Vice president- Rita O. Nosegbe (nee Ibahlenkhor)
  • Secretary- Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi
  • Organising Secretary- Ransome J. Epochi
  • Assistant Org. Sec.- Victor Memeh
  • Devotional Secretary- Sunny Michael
  • Assistant Devotional Sec- Kelvin Memeh
  • Provost- Patrick Usiahon

These young chaps will later form a formidable dancing and acting group with Mr. Edomwonyi Martins as their leader. This group will later project the name of the organization far and wide within the Benin Archdiocese under the leadership of erstwhile Archbishop Ebosele Ekpu and outside the diocese.

Suffice to say that the story of every man has a beginning and this beginning is where it all started. Benin City was and still a lovely place to grow up. That will be a story for another day.

 Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyeamechi (KBS)




Wisdom does not come with age or face, but through grace, one attains an enviable position ordained by a God who orchestrates events and orders our steps. A general is referred to as one whose story is seen in his followers and told by those who have associated with him in one way or the other; either at the battlefield or off the battlefield. Osagie Odigie happens to be a general in the Lord’s Army I would never forget in a hurry. He is an orator, a mobilizer, a teacher, a mentor, a pathfinder, a counselor, a president, a youth leader, a brother, a father, a general and every good thing one can imagine.

Age they say is a number, but I will never forget how responsibility was entrusted to me by the Osagie Odigie led administration of the Pages of the Blessed Sacrament, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Benin City, Edo State. He had a formidable team which comprises of Frank Olague, Martins Edomwonyi, Fidelis Abebe, Anthony Ogbewere, Tony Eruanga, Oghogho Uzzi, Charles Oghene, Stephanie Idokpesi, Engr. Sunny Michael, Joefred Amago and others too numerous to mention.

On this auspicious moment when we celebrate a man who was born some decades ago, I have no option but to sing a good to a general which I have entitled, To the General, We know”

To a man who gave his best
Not knowing that memories keep records
To a man who wanted in us, the best
Not knowing that future leaders keep records

To a general who speaks optimism without fear
Giving reasons why a failure is never an option
To a general who would never shed a tear
And refuse to listen to a negative opinion

To the general, we know
Who told us tale of dedication and service devoid of pleasure
To the general who knows the show
And have the skills to overcome every of life’s fissure

I speak of your story in this season
Knowing that your greatness runs in us
I speak of you in every quarter out of season
Knowing that your strength to carry on moved us.

To the general, we know
To the general who knows the show.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi 

* JUSTICE ODIGIE-OSAGIE was the second president of the Pages of the Blessed Sacrament, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Benin City, Edo State who succeeded Mr. Joefred Amago.

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Martins Edomwonyi: The Smiling Leader

SMILE can be used positively or negatively. When used negatively, it becomes LIMES. Bitterness has never helped anyone or even communities or better still a nation. Unity is the watchword and the legal tender by which we trade and exchange the scarce resources known as PEACE.

Edomwonyi Martins is a man of many parts. He is an enigma, a friend, a brother, a teacher, a mentor, a coach, an elder, a social crusader, a youth at heart, a mobilizer, a mobile testimony called POSSIBILITY, a quintessential gentleman, to mention but a few.

SEPTEMBER will always be remembered because of your immense contribution to the lives of youths. You were saddled with the responsibility of developing Catholic youths in St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Benin City, Edo State under the auspices of the Pages of the Blessed Sacrament and the Catholic Youth Organisation of Nigeria (CYON). These organizations that you will later lead as president.You also pioneered CYON Holy Trinity Parish, at Nomayo, Upper Sakponba Road, Benin City. Although, this would be the story for another day.

Your input gave rise to so many youngsters including men and women like Nosegbe Omono RitaMcchucks VictorKelvin MemehStanley PetersOmmon Ehi-ommPatrick Original Usiahon, Edokpaigbe Peter, Paul Osuyi, Andrew Okosun, Emeka Nwaibe, Fidelis Abebe,بول Ubebe, Epochi Ransome, Akue Cecilia, Epochi Cordelia, Mary Chiedu, Osamede Emofonmwan, Emmanuel Awanah, Sunny Michael, Esther (not sure of surname), Prince Martins Cosby-nosa Iriah , Eboigbe Samuel Eboigbe and so many who were young boys and girls as at then. Taking them through various stages of life with the principle of IGWEBUIKE, there’s strength in a meaningful crowd. You encouraged the youths in them to go for education and reach out for their dreams. You led them into a new world of stage drama, cultural creative dance steps and so on. You even pioneered a theatre group that once staged Wole Soyinka’s Trials of Brother Jero, Elechi Amadi’s The Concubine, Isidore Okpewho’s The Victims and other short plays where I featured and retained a stage name that the team has come to know me with. Although I call you the smiling leader, you can also pass for the title the Father of Modern Youth Entertainment and Development.

You emphasized on seeing the positive side of life even when the home video project failed to come to life after our efforts. You believed in the power of smiling and that’s why I have come to know you as the smiling leader. I dedicate this moving verse entitled, the smiling leader, to you knowing that you mean so much to all of us. You gave your time, energy and resources to impact on us as you aggregated us under one roof.

the smiling leader

Time will fail me

but my mind will always remember

you were and still an integral part of me

and I want the world to know and remember

You came with a mission to serve

and turned young boys and girls into future leaders

Your legacies were entrenched with a purpose to serve

and now those you left behind act as feeders

bringing up generational leaders with great ideas

moving things and people forward with ideas.

Your trademark has remained visible to the youths

seeing the positive side of life as they smile

not forgetting their strength and their roots

knowing that failure is not permanent but stands for a while

I call you our smiling leader

and your impact on our lives we do remember.

Happy birthday our friend and leader

Live long Edomwonyi Martins, the man we call elder

Enjoy good health all the way

And prosperity that’s laden with sound mind today…

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

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Nwachinemere, the Flutist

This is worth reading

maxxzymusdapoet Blog


A long time ago in the land of Ikwuanoh, there lived a beautiful damsel who happens to be the princess of the land. Her beauty made her a sought after by both young and old. Even princes and kings from outside her community sought for her hand in Marriage. Her name was Olaedo. She was so beautiful more than any maiden you can think about in the land of Ikwuanoh.

Even though hordes of men came seeking for her hands in marriage, Olaedo has her heart on Nwachinemere, the flutist. She was so attracted to Nwachinemere and the people talked about their closeness like a forthcoming traditional festival in the community.  It was even said by the locals that the flute which Nwachinemere used to blow, was given to him by the spirits of the land.

So goes the legend that a feast was called by the…

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Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Cosmetics don’t move me
What I look out for is your thoughts
Facials are not meant for me
But I look forward to swimming in your thoughts.

Hearts don’t speak but they communicate
Feelings are not imaginary
Tender hearts may take things to complicate…
But love is not measured in binary.

We all have our fears
And sometimes our tears
We’ve not given up on life
For there’s so much to achieve in life.

L-ooking beyond others
I-nspire others
F-ulfill dreams
E-nvision above dreams

Our lives may be enigmatic
But there’s always someone there
Who believes in the prophetic
One who knows the beauty of fresh air.

Sing along with me now
Now is the time to speak
Speak to me for I need that energy
Energy from you will help me to sing.

Tick tack says the clock
But coocoorukoo says the cock
There’s always a shoe for every feet
But champions struggle to create a feat.

Love is sacred with regards
Yet it’s thrown randomly
Like water satchets without regards
My thoughts are coming randomly
And I know your presence I miss
I will want your lips again to kiss

These are my random thoughts
As I gradually chew my tiger nuts.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

The Arithmetic of True Leadership: A Case Study of Hon. Samuel Ifeanyi Onuigbo Quality Representation at Federal House of Representatives

It was Max DePree who said that the first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant. There’s a fundamental truth in this statement that has defined the whole essence of leadership since the time of man. A leader who is vying for any political office without the sole purpose of serving as a driving force is only embarking on a journey of self-aggrandizement.

Based on the servant leader driving factor, Hon. Samuel Ifeanyi Onuigbo offered himself to represent the Ikwuano/Umuahia Federal Constituency with a threefold guiding principle broken down as EAR which stands for Effectiveness, Accessibility and Responsiveness and in the course of his representation, I have seen another three driving force added to the initial ones which I summarize as TEA which stands for Transparency, Efficiency, and Accountability. This is what I call the Arithmetic of True leadership.


TEA- Transparency, Efficiency, and Accountability

EAR-Effectiveness, Accessibility, and Responsiveness

Leadership is not all about a political office or some form of position, but the ability to transform words or ideas into actions thereby turning them into visible landmarks that will form the basis on how he would be judged in time to come. No wonder Rosalyn Carter said that a leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be. Hon. Samuel Onuigbo has brought in qualitative representation to the grass root thereby giving the people a part to play in governance. Suggestions from the constituency were evident when he attracted an Ecological Team from the Office of Secretary General of the Federation (OSGF) to inspect some erosion-prone sites with a view to tackling them.

Read also: Hon Samuel Ifeanyi Onuigbo welcomes Ecological Team from OSGF Abuja

Little wonder why there has been the clamour from various quarters for Hon. Samuel Onuigbo to bow out while another candidate from a different quarter is fielded when the constitution stipulates otherwise. Popular opinion has it that the Samuel Onuigbo era of representation has done tremendously well within the past two years compared to his predecessors within the same time in office. At every point in time, Hon. Samuel Onuigbo keeps stressing about true service to the people as the ultimate call to leadership and this had led him to strive in every location within his constituency to bring the needed growth and development for the betterment of all. The words of Harvey Samuel Firestone, an American businessman and the founder of the Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company would speak volume here, the growth and development of the people is the highest calling of leadership.

Read also: The Definition of a True Leader: Hon. Samuel I. Onuigbo

Hon. Samuel Ifeanyi Onuigbo is representing the Ikwuano/Umuahia Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives in a manner which corroborates John Quincy Adams words which says if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Hon. Samuel Onuigbo deserves a second term as he has defined leadership with the Arithmetic of True leadership.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi