Goodnight Justice Oputa* (A Tribute)

If death could be appeased,
I would have pleaded for Justice Oputa.
If old age can be reversed and healed,
Then I know I’ll see a healthy Oputa.

He said, ‘To hear with one ear and deliver judgement
Is a flagrant violation of the natural law of justice.’
The iconic jurist delivered a great judgment.
Now he parts from all earthly justice.

Let the gowns and wig mourn,
Let the giant Ikoro be sounded.
An enigma in the jurist world is gone,
But the Oputa spirit cannot be grounded.

I bid thee farewell with a salute
I sing my heart out from a distance
For the love, you showed to all I salute
And I know your legacies will be told as a story.

I bid thee goodnight great Oputa
The legal world salutes your altar.
I salute your doggedness and humility
I salute your ingenuity and great ability.
Let the flag fly at half mast
For we have lost a rare gem at last.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

* Justice Chukwudifu Akunne Oputa was born on 22nd September 1924 at Oguta and died on 11th May 2014.



A Journey to the World of Mazi Okechukwu: A Review of The Oracle of Isieke by Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

Reviewer –   Opia- Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

Book Title- The Oracle of Isieke

Author-   Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia- Enwemuche

Publisher- Readon Publishers Limited

Year- 2013

Page- 100

In his debut novel, “The Oracle of Isieke”, Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia- Enwemuche tells a suspense-filled story revolving around a young man, his village, his heart of forgiveness and the oracle that brought peace to the land of Isiaku.Reading through the book, you get this feeling of pleasurable fascination and excitement mixed with apprehension, tension, and anxiety developed from an unpredictable, mysterious, and rousing source of entertainment. This actually made me to read the whole book without a halt and discovered the rich cultural content of the novel. Intriguing, revealing, thrilling and interwoven in various captivating plots, the book delivers great value and morals and points a direction at how we can let go of offenses and rather pursue peace and seek the overall or common good of all rather than the seeming satisfaction that comes with getting even.In this short story, the author blends culture, tradition, humour, hatred, and love to tell a compelling tale that would move any mortal into empathy for the protagonist. Indeed, this looks real than fiction making one wants to be in Isiaku. I would personally love to see the graveside of Mazi Uchenna Okechukwua to salute his courage and tenacity during those trying moments and the wonderful Okilo, the great’ in order to tap from his wealth of knowledge and fountain of his vocabulary.The writer’s use of simple language leaves the reader entwined in the story and creates a desire in the reader to be in the setting as the story unveils in quick succession. Indeed the book tells of the story of Isiaku in line with the moving quote in the opening page, ‘The people that forget their culture shall utterly be enslaved because every man has a history [root] and every village a story to tell.’  There is a lovely sequence in which poetry was used as a song to drive home the message of hatred for Mazi Uchenna by the village of Isiaku. The novel is timely in an era where our African culture which ordinarily lies supine in our present day society is brought to life by highlighting on strong cultural values and tradition. Typical African scenery was painted by using simple language and good chronological account with grains of humour dotted therein for proper understanding even by an average reader. Though I found the character of Mazi Obiorah interesting as the antagonist that brought doom on the village of Isiaku, I enjoyed the character of Okilo, ‘The great’ who in the midst of death ravaging the land, he had his cap of humor and tons of grammar to keep him happy.

The oracle itself was seriously stressed on as a powerful tool for restoring peace in any troubled land within the clans.

Though our culture may be on trial on scale and balances, I was held spellbound by this wonderful piece that I wished I was at Isiaku when these events happened.

The writer achieved the essence of the subject matter as peace was achieved in the land of Isiaku by the forgiving heart of Mazi Uchenna Okechukwu.

I recommend it to the reading public, old and young, but most especially the youths in order to teach them some basic principles of life that anchor on honesty.

Grab your copy and get other copies for your family, friends, and foes.

The author, Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche can be reached by mail:

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

My Heartbeat (A Poem)

My Heartbeat (A Poem)

There’re so many places to be
So many spots to visit
But I chose in between to be
I chose those two mountains to visit.

Smiles are innocuously contagious
Kisses can revive a dying soul
Your love towards me has made us
But your name have I etched in my soul.

New wines taste so good,
But the old ones can send you to sleep.
I will like to feel good,
But it will be better to fall asleep

I hope you feel my heartbeat
And feel yours too my dear.
Hear the syllabic sound of my heart beat
It beats with care MY-DEAR.

Maxwell O. Opia-Enwemuche
(C) 29-01-2014
The mind is a wonderful treasure to waste. Develop yours!

Give Me More of It (A Poem)

Give Me More of It

(For my amiable wife)

Life is nothing without love

Full of resentment and sorrow.

Without sentiment, what prevails is love

It keeps us alive with a secured tomorrow.
I was created through the Love of God

In His love was I conceived and born.

Now I enjoy the love of the true God

His blessings shine upon me like the sun. 

The love of God flows through various channels

And now I can see it so glaring in your heart.

You’ve shown me your love without reserve

Now I sing gloriously with joy in my heart. 

Now, I come alive everyday with great

heatAnd I ask you, my sweetest heart, give me more of it.

There are many blessings that come with love.

Now I can see them because of your wonderful love…

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

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A Mind Beat (Reflections)

The world should not define who you are.
Who you are comes alive when you care…
Care to dig inside out to see the truth.

Live everyday of your life in happiness
And without grudge, go to bed happy everyday.
No matter the situation of life, show a little kindness
And you’ll be a blessing to somebody someday.

Speak life into everything around you.
Think good always that you may embrace good today.
Don’t force yourself on people who don’t like you
And you’ll see the greatness in you everyday.

Remain steadfast in God our creator
Stay connected always to please Him
Strive to be like the creator
And above all live your life to please HIM.
(Cf Ecclesiastes12:13)

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi
The mind is a great treasure to waste. Develop it!

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The Beauty of Solitude (A Poem)

Who says that good things come easy?
Hard as they may seem, it’s always there.
Who says that you can’t become your dream?
Walk and think your dream
And you’ll sing your success story like fresh air.

The canaries sing their songs
Though loud and noisy, it tells their stories.
Termites build their termitarium with strength
Though messy as it may seem, it defines their existence.

There’s beauty everywhere even in solitude.
The world came into being from solitude
And man’s existence was a thought in solitude.
Now, I write quietly in solitude.

Who says that good things come easy?
Ask the gold and the crude oil about the word, ‘easy’
The world awaits my story
And it must speak loud into history.

In solitude i write without reserve
And I pray the beauty of Solitude be preserved.

Maxwell O. Opia-Enwemuche

Hear My Cry, Oh Flower! (A Poem)

I can hear people screaming my name
Like the weaver bird singing songs of mockery.
When shall we get rid of this shame?
These lunatics must be curtailed with alacrity.

Sodom and Gomorrhea were minors,
But what I see everyday is horrible.
Fathers and grand fathers fight with minors
And the news from the Tabloids are incredible.

This time we must stand against evil
And speak with one voice.
The time has come to say no to this evil
And speak with facts without noise.

Must we act like apes?
We must stop this incessant rapes.
Say no to this monster
Join this fight for the girl child restoration.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell O.
The mind is a great treasure to waste. Develop it!

Hear My Cry, Oh Flower!

I can hear people screaming my name
Like the weaver bird singing songs of mockery.
When shall we get rid of this shame?
These lunatics must be curtailed with alacrity.

Sodom and Gomorrhea were minors,
But what I see everyday is horrible.
Fathers and grand fathers fight with minors
And the news from the Tabloids are incredible.

This time we must stand against evil
And speak with one voice.
The time has come to say no to this evil
And speak with facts without noise.

Must we act like apes?
We must stop this incessant rapes.
Say no to this monster
Join this fight for the girl child restoration.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell O.
The mind is a great treasure to waste. Develop it!

‪ Show Me Thy Heart (A Poem)

What’s wrong with imagination

That my heart wonders without limit?

When is this coming to be, oh vision!

I can see you even in your naked meat.

Caress my mine with this passion.


I stand like a statue, yet your feelings consume me.

Where goeth thou to please my soul?

Think of me that I may live forever.

Your heart is what I need to cure my fever

Come to me that we may hum our love song together.

Oh virgin of my heart! Come to me

The lusts of my youth come and consume me.
Like the snail, I walk into her heart.

Encapsulated, my love I dare to show…

Where would I keep my fragile heart

That the world may see our love snow?

Like the horn of a unicorn, show me thy heart.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell O.


Poem 51:Sigh-cophants

There’s a crime in the land

Of those who deceived their people

into dancing to a failed music band

That brought woe upon the people.

I can sense agitations among the people The people are now aware of the signs And all they give them are rivers of sighs.

The drummer now lack focus & discretion

With old discordant tunes amidst recurring pains.

Our dividends went on eternal vacation & extended the visit of communal gains. Our consciences now have their electoral stains.

We will chase every sychophants

& pay them with the attitude of sigh-cophants.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi ©21-02-2018 #maxxzymusdapoet #365DaysOfPoetry #Sighcophants #AgitationsAgainstBadLeaders

Memories of Yesterday

Poem 47

Memories of Yesterday

And it came to past

As she waited for the one
She claimed her love
It dawned on her at last
For change can affect this one
And steal her precious love
Touching tearful thoughtful memories
So painful as pipes with peppered tobacco
She fought while fighting the air
Her living love just expired like groceries
It used to be appealing like a fresh tomato
He took a walk to seek elsewhere.
My heart has failed me
My trust has been strangled
My thoughts are floating like debris on water
His actions said he does not love me
But I have been man handled
treated worse than a gutter.
My thoughts could no longer hold sway
With these memories of yesterday
Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi



#FailedLove #Jilted

Love is not lost

Poem 46
Love is not lost

Those who swallow a morsel
have faith in that food.
Those who seek  a girl
Should also have faith to find good
For a magnet is nothing from afar
Crown corks become friends so close
Love does not keep distance afar
It feels her environs like air from the nose.

True love is not artificial
It speaks the language of hearts
Two genuine hearts not on trial
Showing forth their style like bowler hats
Love is not to be sought at all cost
Holding tight to mirage is illusion
For true love can never be lost
But found in a realm of unending celebration.

People place priorities properly with love
And behave like a child with much energy.
Only the large at heart can discuss love,
But the feeble heart talks of draining energy.
True love is not lost
But speaks all day for tomorrow.
Love is not pursued at all cost
As disappointment can lead to the road of sorrow.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi


Ortomatic Resolution

Poem 44: Ortomatic Resolution

I have seen under the sky

Where a son rejected his father

Speaking evil before his face

Telling him how he has failed him as a father.

“Are you sure I am your son?

How come you keep silent in this bloody place?

A place where my resources are destroyed

And my children and wives are invaded by bloody savages.

I now know that you adopted me for your selfish purpose.”


I have seen your handiwork with strangers

As you fail to come to my rescue.

I’ll speak of this numerous evil that comes with you as a father.

My life is no longer the same with you as my father.

“Are you sure you truly love your sons?

How come you protect strangers against your sons

In a place where they fight your stomach?

Police place their private pockets ahead of my people

Leaving our place deserted with dead people.”


I have heard what kings have to say

I cannot think evil of my own people

Even the land of my birth and ancestors will not forgive me.

My life is even at risk for the sake of my people.

“Are you sure you’re not seeing us like aesthetic statues

And you feel we’re not your responsibility?

You belong to all of us because we chose you

You belong to everybody and to nobody is not valid here.

Give us a break for we need rarefied air.”


This is my humble resolution

This is Ortomatic resolution.


Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi





#Decision #Love



Where’s My Heart? 

Poem 42 Where’s My Heart? 
Like a thief that comes to steal
you stole my heart in broad daylight
with perfection that’s fragile like Ughelli* glass
speaking in whispers to my tender ears
telling me of events to extinguish my fears
for a thousand men have come to my heart
the trees can bear me witness on this
as none has even demanded  a kiss
all they needed was a road to my heart.
like statues who seek no attention
they kept throwing sacrifices on me like a goddess
appeasing my wrath to consider them
I became intoxicated with this adulation
as they offered me pepper water as kindness
now I’m looking recklessly for them.
I didn’t feel my heart again
will I die this time with this pain?
all they needed was the road to my heart.
like a magnet to a crown cork
I attract the opposite to my thighs
thinking of lie as a coconut
there must always be water just like men
dancing to my tune to bring me luck.
should I entice them with my outfit of ties?
I’ve not lost my senses, I’m not going naughty
there seems to be a mistake somewhere
I can feel the heat amidst the ozonized air.

I’m looking for love again even on this special path

as I ask in quietness, where’s is my heart?

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi






Poem 40



Have you ever been in love?

A thousand lively answers would flood this room

Do you believe in love?

A tiny response would paint this room.


A million people talk about love

But few relate their stories to be shared.

Is there a place where I can look for love?

A place where emotions lie not in shred.


I have seen love

Not in common places of the earth

I have encountered love

It is beautiful like the cheerful fire in the hearth.


I have seen love in a basket

Don’t ask me where

For there exists every lass with different basket

Swooping free like flies before the fresh air.


I have seen love beyond this place

Not because I got attracted to her face

My heart has not stopped singing her name

For I know I will never remain the same.


Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyeamaechi






Dancing within my heart

Poem 39

Dancing within my heart


Life is just a mirage

And we’re just reflections that we see

Have you ever thought of this image?

This image called life with endless vantage like the sea

Presents hope beyond the eyes

Hazy hopes dancing within the heart


Love is nothing but evol-ution

Playing pranks on the minds of two persons

Causing them to think of it as their solution

Bringing thoughts into the minds of these persons

Causing them to see endless possibilities beyond their eyes

Causing them to see images dancing in their heart


Happiness is a state of the mind

Not harvested from the sky,

But with conscious interaction with the mind

You see the beauty of life beyond the sky.

Happy people may look stupid before many eyes

For depression brought calamity dancing within their heart.


I see things every day

Not like you see them over there

My mind speaks to me every day

As I hear wonderful whispers from the air.

I may look insane to many eyes

But words come with pictures dancing within my heart.


Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyeamaechi