Goodnight Justice Oputa* (A Tribute)

If death could be appeased,
I would have pleaded for Justice Oputa.
If old age can be reversed and healed,
Then I know I’ll see a healthy Oputa.

He said, ‘To hear with one ear and deliver judgement
Is a flagrant violation of the natural law of justice.’
The iconic jurist delivered a great judgment.
Now he parts from all earthly justice.

Let the gowns and wig mourn,
Let the giant Ikoro be sounded.
An enigma in the jurist world is gone,
But the Oputa spirit cannot be grounded.

I bid thee farewell with a salute
I sing my heart out from a distance
For the love, you showed to all I salute
And I know your legacies will be told as a story.

I bid thee goodnight great Oputa
The legal world salutes your altar.
I salute your doggedness and humility
I salute your ingenuity and great ability.
Let the flag fly at half mast
For we have lost a rare gem at last.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

* Justice Chukwudifu Akunne Oputa was born on 22nd September 1924 at Oguta and died on 11th May 2014.



A Journey to the World of Mazi Okechukwu: A Review of The Oracle of Isieke by Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

Reviewer –   Opia- Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

Book Title- The Oracle of Isieke

Author-   Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia- Enwemuche

Publisher- Readon Publishers Limited

Year- 2013

Page- 100

In his debut novel, “The Oracle of Isieke”, Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia- Enwemuche tells a suspense-filled story revolving around a young man, his village, his heart of forgiveness and the oracle that brought peace to the land of Isiaku.Reading through the book, you get this feeling of pleasurable fascination and excitement mixed with apprehension, tension, and anxiety developed from an unpredictable, mysterious, and rousing source of entertainment. This actually made me to read the whole book without a halt and discovered the rich cultural content of the novel. Intriguing, revealing, thrilling and interwoven in various captivating plots, the book delivers great value and morals and points a direction at how we can let go of offenses and rather pursue peace and seek the overall or common good of all rather than the seeming satisfaction that comes with getting even.In this short story, the author blends culture, tradition, humour, hatred, and love to tell a compelling tale that would move any mortal into empathy for the protagonist. Indeed, this looks real than fiction making one wants to be in Isiaku. I would personally love to see the graveside of Mazi Uchenna Okechukwua to salute his courage and tenacity during those trying moments and the wonderful Okilo, the great’ in order to tap from his wealth of knowledge and fountain of his vocabulary.The writer’s use of simple language leaves the reader entwined in the story and creates a desire in the reader to be in the setting as the story unveils in quick succession. Indeed the book tells of the story of Isiaku in line with the moving quote in the opening page, ‘The people that forget their culture shall utterly be enslaved because every man has a history [root] and every village a story to tell.’  There is a lovely sequence in which poetry was used as a song to drive home the message of hatred for Mazi Uchenna by the village of Isiaku. The novel is timely in an era where our African culture which ordinarily lies supine in our present day society is brought to life by highlighting on strong cultural values and tradition. Typical African scenery was painted by using simple language and good chronological account with grains of humour dotted therein for proper understanding even by an average reader. Though I found the character of Mazi Obiorah interesting as the antagonist that brought doom on the village of Isiaku, I enjoyed the character of Okilo, ‘The great’ who in the midst of death ravaging the land, he had his cap of humor and tons of grammar to keep him happy.

The oracle itself was seriously stressed on as a powerful tool for restoring peace in any troubled land within the clans.

Though our culture may be on trial on scale and balances, I was held spellbound by this wonderful piece that I wished I was at Isiaku when these events happened.

The writer achieved the essence of the subject matter as peace was achieved in the land of Isiaku by the forgiving heart of Mazi Uchenna Okechukwu.

I recommend it to the reading public, old and young, but most especially the youths in order to teach them some basic principles of life that anchor on honesty.

Grab your copy and get other copies for your family, friends, and foes.

The author, Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche can be reached by mail:

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

My Heartbeat (A Poem)

My Heartbeat (A Poem)

There’re so many places to be
So many spots to visit
But I chose in between to be
I chose those two mountains to visit.

Smiles are innocuously contagious
Kisses can revive a dying soul
Your love towards me has made us
But your name have I etched in my soul.

New wines taste so good,
But the old ones can send you to sleep.
I will like to feel good,
But it will be better to fall asleep

I hope you feel my heartbeat
And feel yours too my dear.
Hear the syllabic sound of my heart beat
It beats with care MY-DEAR.

Maxwell O. Opia-Enwemuche
(C) 29-01-2014
The mind is a wonderful treasure to waste. Develop yours!

Give Me More of It (A Poem)

Give Me More of It

(For my amiable wife)

Life is nothing without love

Full of resentment and sorrow.

Without sentiment, what prevails is love

It keeps us alive with a secured tomorrow.
I was created through the Love of God

In His love was I conceived and born.

Now I enjoy the love of the true God

His blessings shine upon me like the sun. 

The love of God flows through various channels

And now I can see it so glaring in your heart.

You’ve shown me your love without reserve

Now I sing gloriously with joy in my heart. 

Now, I come alive everyday with great

heatAnd I ask you, my sweetest heart, give me more of it.

There are many blessings that come with love.

Now I can see them because of your wonderful love…

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

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A Mind Beat (Reflections)

The world should not define who you are.
Who you are comes alive when you care…
Care to dig inside out to see the truth.

Live everyday of your life in happiness
And without grudge, go to bed happy everyday.
No matter the situation of life, show a little kindness
And you’ll be a blessing to somebody someday.

Speak life into everything around you.
Think good always that you may embrace good today.
Don’t force yourself on people who don’t like you
And you’ll see the greatness in you everyday.

Remain steadfast in God our creator
Stay connected always to please Him
Strive to be like the creator
And above all live your life to please HIM.
(Cf Ecclesiastes12:13)

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi
The mind is a great treasure to waste. Develop it!

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The Beauty of Solitude (A Poem)

Who says that good things come easy?
Hard as they may seem, it’s always there.
Who says that you can’t become your dream?
Walk and think your dream
And you’ll sing your success story like fresh air.

The canaries sing their songs
Though loud and noisy, it tells their stories.
Termites build their termitarium with strength
Though messy as it may seem, it defines their existence.

There’s beauty everywhere even in solitude.
The world came into being from solitude
And man’s existence was a thought in solitude.
Now, I write quietly in solitude.

Who says that good things come easy?
Ask the gold and the crude oil about the word, ‘easy’
The world awaits my story
And it must speak loud into history.

In solitude i write without reserve
And I pray the beauty of Solitude be preserved.

Maxwell O. Opia-Enwemuche

Hear My Cry, Oh Flower! (A Poem)

I can hear people screaming my name
Like the weaver bird singing songs of mockery.
When shall we get rid of this shame?
These lunatics must be curtailed with alacrity.

Sodom and Gomorrhea were minors,
But what I see everyday is horrible.
Fathers and grand fathers fight with minors
And the news from the Tabloids are incredible.

This time we must stand against evil
And speak with one voice.
The time has come to say no to this evil
And speak with facts without noise.

Must we act like apes?
We must stop this incessant rapes.
Say no to this monster
Join this fight for the girl child restoration.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell O.
The mind is a great treasure to waste. Develop it!

Hear My Cry, Oh Flower!

I can hear people screaming my name
Like the weaver bird singing songs of mockery.
When shall we get rid of this shame?
These lunatics must be curtailed with alacrity.

Sodom and Gomorrhea were minors,
But what I see everyday is horrible.
Fathers and grand fathers fight with minors
And the news from the Tabloids are incredible.

This time we must stand against evil
And speak with one voice.
The time has come to say no to this evil
And speak with facts without noise.

Must we act like apes?
We must stop this incessant rapes.
Say no to this monster
Join this fight for the girl child restoration.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell O.
The mind is a great treasure to waste. Develop it!

‪ Show Me Thy Heart (A Poem)

What’s wrong with imagination

That my heart wonders without limit?

When is this coming to be, oh vision!

I can see you even in your naked meat.

Caress my mine with this passion.


I stand like a statue, yet your feelings consume me.

Where goeth thou to please my soul?

Think of me that I may live forever.

Your heart is what I need to cure my fever

Come to me that we may hum our love song together.

Oh virgin of my heart! Come to me

The lusts of my youth come and consume me.
Like the snail, I walk into her heart.

Encapsulated, my love I dare to show…

Where would I keep my fragile heart

That the world may see our love snow?

Like the horn of a unicorn, show me thy heart.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell O.

Albinism: A Bridge between Humanity and Divinity

There’s no crime in skin colouration, but an albino is condemned to death at birth not because he or she is a criminal, but the world has painted him or her as one. Having a universal tag of hatred hanging as jewelry on one’s neck already and the struggle to extricate oneself from the vicissitudes of a complex and complicated life knitted by humanity who preach peace and serve piss and thorns to an albino under the auspices of a trending humanist song.

For the purpose of this writing and discourse, I am an albino created for a purpose here to enjoy my life and impact the same humanity that chant peace yet do otherwise before I shake hands with divinity, but my peaceful and purposeful stay here on earth is being threatened by unhealthy tradition in various quarters around the globe, hatred for a wonderful creation in me and whole lot I can barely phantom as tears caress my glowing skin upon the beauty of my face.  I am not just an enigma rearing pain as thoughts, but a naked bomb waiting to detonate. Should I give these restless and unstable thoughts flesh and strangle this gentle(?) peace dangling before me with thorns of hatred waiting to impale?

I am the bridge between humanity and divinity if only you can look closely beyond your nose, you will understand the complexities I face every day and perhaps, walk your talk that chants the humanity lyrics and shake hands with reality listening to this global song wearing a garment of discrimination on albinos in form of peace.

Why the segregation if I may ask? Why the hatred starring at our kind? Do you know that there’s a war ravaging the body of albinism far from what Albania suffered in 1997? Yet, the world seems not to understand our kind who are special and demand special attention and care for we are actually a bridge between humanity and divinity. They are indeed the salt of the earth if I am permitted to use the famous line from the Holy book.  I will categorically declare on their behalf that they are not an enemy of salt, but when humanity dangle peace before them laden with thorns of hatred amidst words of invectives poured on them during their birth, the entire system will not help but imagine if there is anything called a genuine peace preached prayerfully in this milieu called earth.

The population of albinos is being threatened across the globe. They cast aspersions on their kind, yet are being bought for spiritual purposes. What barbaric tradition would suggest would suggest the death of a human for the purpose of wealth, power, success, spiritual cleansing and overall protection.  What sort of protection are you seeking for by depopulating People with Albinism (PWA)? I vehemently assert that the PWA be heavily protected from the human hunters who will stop at nothing until the race is wiped out in some countries in the world.


In order to further assist in this war to end the hatred ravaging the world of albinism, I have penned down six vital thoughts in bullet forms with acronym A-L-B-I-N-O for easy apprehension. These points, I believe, will strengthen every albino to do individual exploit and shun every naysayer and toxic influence. The world is just a stage, so big, for every actor to explore his or her innate potentials unto greatness. These thoughts will guide and define every day in the life of albino and friends of albinos until confidence becomes so glaring like a garment worn to influence others. Digest these points and meditate on them like your life depends on it. Believe me, toxic influence will become like the water that rolls off a duck’s back.

  • A-way from worldly thoughts that degrades your existence because greatness that lives in you transcends a thousand generation if only you believe and act on it.
  • L-ive and not leave your thoughts buried in your mind looking for a garment of expression. Live, live, and just live your life to the fullest. Let no man deceive you about this.
  • B-lame nobody for your skin colouration, but wear this garment with pride to do exploits that will bring kings to your rising.
  • I-ntegrate like minds to your thoughts and the world will be too small to blossom.
  • N-ever give up on that fire that’s burning within you and soon those dreams will fly you into the sky before your eyes.
  • O-pen up your mind for endless possibilities as the mind is a place where thoughts are brewed and served for the betterment of all. Brew peace at all times and turn every seed of hatred to red hat, a symbol of working unto greatness.

These are my six vital thoughts and I know they are not limited under the face of the earth where anything and everything is our inspiration into the world of unimaginable possibilities.


I see albinos as mysterious and the mystery existing with them should not become their undoing where they are killed for various ungodly purposes. Where is the love we preach as humans? How do we represent the series of killings that have pervaded the earth on this group of special personalities who are truly God’s image, but are gradually becoming extinct because of human poachers for body parts and all sorts. Albinos are here on a purpose, let’s allow them to fulfill their purpose as humans. Humanity does not encompass a selected few. The hatred upon them is not racism, but human degradation. I stand against this and I declare it unacceptable and totally out of place. Let’s rise to the occasion and sing with one voice, the humanity song.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi*

©June 2019

*Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi is a poet, novelist, and essayist who write from Umuahia, Nigeria. His book, The Oracle of Isieke speaks on humanity and the need to live together as one devoid of things that breed rancour and disharmony in a growing world.

Albino Ola

Photo credit: Ola

May we never forget

May we never forget

May we remember
those who fought
to defend the rights
stolen from a people.

May we remember
those who poured their lives
as a libation to entrench peace
for a cause they believe.

May we remember
our heroes, heroines, and ancestors
who held the burning flame
that we may stand today with a name.

May we remember
that greatness did not die with them
but lives in us to define our today and tomorrow
to be united and obliterate sorrow.

United we stand for a greater nation
May we remember our art of celebration.

May we remember that we bear the power of the sun.

We are humans and we have sons

We are Biafrans

And from the ash of defeat, we will rise again


Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

picture credit: gistmania

Biafra Soldiers from


The Name I Wear

The Name I Wear

My grandmother used to tell me
that when a man suddenly dies,
he comes back again to tell the world
about his journey into the afterlife.

There was an eclipse of humanity
when thousands were killed
Children counted their dead like crown corks
And blood became a common sight before them.

Our humanity died on that day
But we rose from this ash of hatred
With a garment of doggedness adorned,
We trudged forward to recreate our world.

The death of our heroes and heroines
Will paint our world as we smile unto victory
For you can only but kill innocent people, who believe in a cause,
But the cause that drives them cannot be killed.

I am a cause and not a curse
I am not here to kill, but many have been killed
You may be familiar with the name I wear today,
But tomorrow, I wear another name to tell of this journey.
I am the rising sun
I will rise again devoid of pain.

Do you believe in reincarnation?
My new name will become a celebration
this is a name I will wear,
a name devoid of tears.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi 

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Biafra girl



“…there’s an ice in suicide// that drives emotions so cold, //leaving a troubled mind in quagmire// to sing endless notes of rejection on paper…”

~Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi


SUICIDE is not a word meant for lullabies nor is it a word used carelessly during an official gathering. It is a word that has long been associated with evil and those who are involved in the act tend to stain their roots or family name as the case may be. Let me not be judgemental here, but as an apostle of humanity who believes in doing the right thing for the advancement of the good course of humans, I call a spade its name without mincing words for fear of what my neighbour will say. What is bad is bad and what is good is good. There’s no other word to substitute what is bad by painting it good in the light of the day. SUICIDE IS BAD no matter the angle one wants to look at it from.

I don’t know why I feel this urge to write this at this point in time. When I was in primary school I heard of a boy in my school then who was in primary six that jumped into a ditch in a bid to kill himself within the school premises and invariably free himself from the worries of this life.  He had issues bothering him and his actions no matter how you try to view it was suicidal which would have left everyone in pain and who knows would have also taken another life.  Be that as it may, depression is actually the precursor of suicide and if we can tackle depression by nipping it in the bud, then the cases of incessant suicide will be reduced if not eradicated completely.

Lesson 1
Don’t paint a map of rejection on your body.

We are all products of humans on planet earth, except aliens if they exist, and living in this enclosed world called earth comes with its daily ups and downs. We may seek for love in areas where they are not in existence or we may be denied love in areas where we are supposed to get them. How do we handle these situations? Of course, we must feel rejected since we are humans, but do we carry it as a burden by painting these daily maps of rejections all over our body that we seem not to have enough room to paint? These are little triggers that if neglected can degenerate into something colossal, a burden too much to bear. Imagine one been told that he/she can never amount to anything in life and this statement is not properly handled will resonate in the mind of such individual until visible damage is done. Imagine one been told that he/she can never become a worthy writer no matter how good he/she feels he/she can become. Just imagine so many negative arrows been shot at you and how you’ve survived all these years by not carrying any of them as a burden. Most of us have survived our negative experiences and others still carry theirs as a map painted all over their bodies as a sign of remembrance. My advice to these set of people out there is to turn their REJECT-IONS into IONS by rejecting the word REJECT in REJECT-IONS and adopting the roles of IONS in order to enjoy their lives to the fullest. You’re responsible for your own happiness. Let nobody deceive you on this.


Lesson 2
Do not see yourself as an object. You’re human.


Every human is created for a purpose and this purpose spurs him/her to want to fill the vacuum created in this world, but not to create a vacuum. We are all humans except a new order by the creator who orchestrates the activities of this world is born. To see yourself as an object or anything less or be subjected to some unholy practice as the case may be is a great height of personal irresponsibility. Humans feel pain and this pains most times must be discussed. Even a prisoner locked up in a maximum security prison is given time to express himself/herself. A prisoner of conscience should also have the same right and opportunity to express himself/herself. We are what we think we are. If I see myself as an object or treat myself as a fictional character created in a book I just read, I become vulnerable to my real personality and my actions become or appear weird to a third party.  My advice to people especially writers and the man on the street is to see themselves as humans and not objects.


Lesson 3
Do not be selfish. Think about others


Every life needs support no matter the quality of life. Even lesser animals or better still insects depend on each other for survival. Life is all about giving and taking. This is a natural law and there is nothing anybody can do about it. If I can use my writings to heal the world, I can as well get my healing from somewhere even though it is not writing. It may be moderate alcohol for instance or listening to quality music or even exercising myself by way of jogging or playing a chosen sport like football.  As humans, we should take a cue from lower animals like bees or ants or even termites. They live to help one another. Why can’t we think of others before taking some certain decisions? When it comes to life, life support and eventual death, why do we need a witness for some crucial decisions in life? We need to start thinking differently by initiating a paradigm shift. We need to be more altruistic rather than becoming egocentric. We need to think about others and avert some ugly situations in this journey called life. My advice to people out there is to look after yourself, think about yourself, but most importantly, consider others around you especially your loved ones and those whose lives have been affected by yours before taking decisions that will shatter theirs. Consider those who see you as their role model not knowing the mental battles you are facing and retrace your step to taking a wrong decision that will end your life.

Lesson 4
Grief is not a garment and agony is not a necklace. Break loose!

We are all humans as stated before now. It is a fact that I believe will stand for a long time to come. We have feelings and for such reason, we are entitled to grief and agony when the unimaginable happens or we find ourselves in a terrible situation. The lachrymal glands open up for torrents of tears to water our wonderful and beautiful faces laced with sadness. This is true and no one can dispute this fact.  However, when we wear this grief for too long and make the agony we pass through as our necklace for the world to care for us endlessly, we become an object, a less human that cannot take a quality decision as per moving on with life. The principle of day and night will forever remain vital. Whether the sun shines very well or not, the night must come to take its place and the earth must rotate. This is the natural law except it is changed tomorrow. When you wear your grief as a garment and agony and as a necklace, there are chances that your thoughts will be polluted even in the presence of good intentions. I can remember when I lost a loved one at a tender age; I questioned God and the human factor that could not keep that person alive. I became angry with God and humanity and this hatred was worn as a garment for a very long time. It made me avoided a lot of things at a tender stage. I was very aggressive and had no friends. I eventually came out of that. I believe it would be a story for another day. My advice to people out there is not to christen their challenges with a name like demons, not to wear grief as garments and agony as necklaces but to strive to break loose and move on with life. Although sorrow may endure in the night, absolute joy comes in the morning if one seeks it. Break loose and break free. Freedom is nothing if we are complacent about it. Most importantly, don’t trivialize issues.

Lesson 5

Share your thoughts with those who can help (professionals)

I once watched an animated movie entitled, Antz.  I would subscribe to this movie to everyone who is reading this. I believe you will take home one or two important lessons from this movie. Life in itself is beyond movies as it speaks of reality as real as the air we breathe and the things we see, feel and touch. As abstract as our thoughts may appear to a third party, we should try not to give it too much flesh that it overpowers us into taking the wrong decision. If options exist in life and we fail to choose those options, then we are among all men the greatest of all cowards. Even the holy book assuaged, choose ye this day by way of creating awareness in our power of choice. It went further to counsel on making an informed decision. Our head housing our brain was not created out of place to be at the top of our body, but to reason rationally without complications. When we fall, we need help to rise again. Even our Lord on His way to Golgotha fell three times and was raised in the same order. At some point, his burden was shouldered by others. When we are challenged mentally, we need to seek urgent help from consulting professionals. By so doing we see the bigger picture out of life and not from our own point of view alone. There are various points of views to a challenge that will change the course of reasoning forever. If only we can embrace this approach, the rate of suicide attempt will reduce and who knows, may eventually fizzle out of our environment. My advice is that if you ever find yourself in a state of mental instability, seek professional help. Depression is not a garment to be worn for an exhibition. Speak out as soon as possible before light out. May your light never go out in the height of your prime to disappoint those who believe in you and your legacies to change the face of this world. Believe in yourself more and the strength to continue will wake up in you, the latent state inside of you. Share your thoughts and live strong.


Our minds may be different as well as our thoughts, but there are thoughts that come to certain minds that will liberate humanity. I may not be qualified medically to give out any form of advice on the subject hence the fifth lesson, but as an apostle of humanity who believes in doing the right thing for the advancement of the good course of humans, I call a spade its name without mincing words for fear of what my neighbour will say. I will contribute my own quota in my own little way to help in solving this global challenge called SUICIDE. If only we can define the bad things that appear before us with positive thoughts, we can overcome easily.  Death is not an option of healing oneself when it comes to therapy. There’s a bigger picture in life if only you can search carefully.  I am a Christian because I willingly submitted myself to the knowledge of Christ who told me in John 1: 12 that as many as received him to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name and this has not only helped me to shape my life, but to see the bigger picture in life no matter the situation and circumstances. We all have our fears and what we go through and have not killed ourselves because whatever that trouble us cannot be greater than the strength in us that made it through into this world alive.

I have summarized S-U-I-C-I-D-E below and I pray that whoever that is suffering from a mental challenge would see the bigger picture in life and stay alive to inspire us.

S-ee the bigger picture in life

U-nderstand the true meaning of living

I-nterface with humanity for solutions

C-reate a positive atmosphere around you

I-nteract with the things that set you back

D-eal with issues not through death

E-mbark on a personal mental recovery

These are my humble submission on 5 important notes on how not to commit suicide in simple lessons. My name is Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi and I believe in humanity by doing the right thing for the advancement of the good course of humans.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi





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The BEER Solutions to Overcoming Writer’s Block

The BEER Solutions to Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.
–Charles Bukowski

You may have come across so many definitions of writer’s block and you feel you are experiencing one at the moment because of how your writing is progressing or at a halt. According to Wikipedia, Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges from difficulty in coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years. However, for the benefit of writers out there, I would want to define writer’s block as a situation where by a writer experiences creative indigestion thereby giving rise to poor work or nothing at all. This can be so embarrassing and frustrating. I once watched a movie entitled the Man Who Invented Christmas. In this movie, Charles Dickens was depicted as a man having writer’s block and how he overcame it will form the basis of one way you could overcome such too as I have passed through such stage.

Two Approaches to Overcoming Writer’s Block

Although, this may not be what you are used to as so many articles have been written on the subject matter, writer’s block. I want to introduce you to something you may have heard of, but not have seen it in the way and manner it would be explained here. I know someone out there may say I am not an authority and has no right to come out with simple solutions for what is affecting a global community. You know what, you are wrong when your thinking pattern is tailored in such manner. Solutions don’t take forever to come when time is involved. They may come in trickles and some other time, they may come at once.

I will speak about the BTSSM approach and the BEER approach. Both approaches are complementary to each other as the second approach is a kind of driver to the first approach.


Just like headaches and pain relief tablets taking care of these aches at once, there is no immediate cure for writer’s block, but a process into recovering your old self, creative ability and mental sagacity. However, to come out from this quagmire, one need to look at the acronym BEER not with an alcoholic meaning per say in mind, although not far from it, but an inspiration into doing the things that will help one break loose.


The above equation(s) will surprise you when they are expanded unto understanding for the purpose of implementation. Although, I had earlier defined B.E.E.R somewhere on social media (Face book May 05, 2019) as Believe, Enquire, Experience & Reproduce. The BEER approach is not far from what I said on social media but in a different way.

The BTSSM Approach

To understand what is wrong with one is a step toward accessing and harnessing the possible cure to the situation. The BTSSM approach to solving writers’ worst nightmare, the writer’s block, would come handy here. It is often said that kola nut which is greatly cherished in Igbo culture would last longer in the mouth of those who respect it. The same can be said of these approaches. It would be treasured by those who truly know what writer’s block is all about.

  1. BEER: BEER as a word can mean so many things. However, for the purpose of this discourse we will be seeing it from the angle of the alcoholic drink itself. Whenever you are faced with writer’s block and you feel all hope is lost, fear not again my friend because there is no challenge without a solution. Most of the world’s greatest stories were written from the BEER parlours or a little drop of BEER in the system of the writer. More so, you will not know how the idea came about but the impression of what it leaves is what you will cherish about. Who knows if I took some BEER before coming up with the courage to tackle this write up? I know I will have a huge follower ship to witness on my behalf as it pertains to the creative digestion process stimulated by BEER.
  2. TAKING A WALK: Most times saturation of an environment can make a writer lose concentration or rather idea on what to write and how to continue a write up. Against this backdrop, it would be wise for a writer who experiences writer’s block to take a walk. This walk can come either as a normal walk down the street or a jogging through the street or even travelling from a particular place to another. This helps to open up the mind to fresh thoughts and ideas where they have been closed out in ones thinking faculty. I once wrote three short stories in the air as I travelled from one place to another on a local flight. The mind recognizes horizon and this can be created by positioning the mind to see things from different perspective. Are you still confused as to what to do in order to salvage that writer’s block or creative indigestion? Take a walk and think no more.
  3. SEX: Sex? Some people will ask in awe. Yes, I just wrote that. In case you don’t know, sex has a way of clearing or rather cleaning the mind thereby renewing it for fresh thoughts. By this, I am not implying that you go about embarking on various rumpuses in the guise of trying to cure yourself of writer’s block. This is not what I am talking about. It is supposed to be a targeted one with a purpose on what you are looking for or want to achieve along the line. Mind you, you don’t take it for granted otherwise you will remain in this block for a longer time than bargain. I normally advise people just like a pharmacist dispensing drugs called drugs of last resort. The object of SEX in the BTSSM approach is the last resort to recovering oneself creative indigestion or writer’s block as it is fondly called.
  4. SHOWER: Whenever I find myself in such situation, I take a cold shower. While taking my bath under this shower, I allow my mind to run wild thereby purging it of every toxic thoughts that has prevented my creative ideas from digesting thereby leading to creative indigestion. This works like magic. I have written a lot of short stories and poems using this method. You will have to thank me later if you can master this technique.
  5. MUSIC: In my own observation, I believe that music cannot be separated from the art of writing. When I say music, I don’t mean noise, but professional piece carefully knitted in lyrics that will separate the body from the soul whenever you’re listening to them. I don’t know if you’ve ever listened to Yanni, Enya and other classical piece that gives you inspiration. Sometimes, some good RAP music also brings inspiration. I like listening to TUPAC and Notorious B.I.G music sometimes. These artistes though late are speaking through their lyrics. So, the next time you find yourself acting up with nothing coming out from your creative tank and it seems as if you are about to suffer from creative indigestion, consider MUSIC and you can as well sing your way out of this misery.

The BEER Approach

I have always seen things from a different perspective especially words that are so popular and frequently used. BEER happens to be one of them. This has earned me a sobriquet among my friends. Some call me the BEER lord while others call me the BEER Bard. I have come to see the positive aspect of it as I keep getting inspiration from the word BEER. Whether you’re a lover of beer or not, I believe you will like creativity especially when revolves around this word. This time, you will not be drinking it physically, but you will be breathing in these words as I treat them each in order to help us end every form of creative indigestion.

  1. BELIEVE: For you to ascertain that there’s a problem, you must believe that a problem like that exist. After identifying the problem, the next step is to believe that there is a solution to that problem. Some people believe that once you have the writer’s block, you’re doomed for life. Forget these toxic people. Great writers suffer from writer’s block, but none will come out boldly to tell you that they are suffering from it. The list is endless from Charles Dickens to the greatest name you have ever heard in writing.
  2. ENVISION: After identifying the problem, you envision ways on how this can be sorted out. By envisioning, you visualize and paint images in your mind. These images become ideas that will later fly. Like a brewing tank, you keep painting these images until are ready enough to be liberated. It may not be easy at first instance. You can get frustrated by trying, but the trick to overcoming is never to give up while trying. There’s power in that mind of yours that may be playing trick on you. Cease the moment and take charge! Paint images and they would soon be matured enough to come alive.
  3. ENCAPSULATE: After painting images long enough in your mind, the next step is to allow them condense while you envelope your thoughts in your being. A kind of meditation if you call it. This works like magic as this can grant you enough strength to soar again. Remember the cocoon of a butterfly and imagine what goes on inside of it. This is exactly what goes on inside your mind when you are in a state of encapsulation. Creative indigestion cannot survive this if properly harnessed. This process can take a period of two weeks depending on the effort of the person involved.
  4. REACH OUT: There’s power in the mind and the ability to harness it matters to every mortal on planet earth. This aspect of creative digestion to unsettle every form of indigestion is what will cause you to burst out of that cocoon of encapsulation and start writing again without spending time wallowing in the dark valley of writer’s block. You see yourself talking to your characters again with ease devoid of pain as maybe the case. By reaching out, you have to read as much as possible and speak positive things into your mind by way of declaration.


There is no challenge that has no solution let no man deceive you on this. Writer’s block is simply the brain telling you that it wants to a take a break. You can call it a period of self rejuvenation. However, this process can take forever but like fertilizers assist the crop plant to do well and produce better yield, the same thing will these approaches explained above help any writer to come out from ever comatose condition associated with creative indigestion or better still, writer’s block. This is the conclusion of the whole matter. You must believe that there is a solution and that solution you must surely find. I wish you all the best as you apply these approach and other things you feel will work for you. I am Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi and these are my words.

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi
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Creative Thoughts is the best for our generation

Painting our environment for the eyes of the world through creative thoughts is the best thing that can happen in our generation.

Have you ever thought of why you bear that name, why you eat that particular kind of food on a particular occasion, why you speak a particular language as a means of communication, why you should accord respect to a whole lot of people and so on and so forth in your present community, environment or country? Have you ever given your cultural background a thought?

Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi has written a book, “The Oracle of Isieke” in a bid to open the public up to the world where knowledge is infinite and culture binds people to their root. He created an environment of great thoughts where you can go back to an appropriate cultural milieu in order to understand the importance of norms and customs in an adventure and come back with a bag full of knowledge with a compelling story which chronicles the life of Mazi Uchenna Okechukwu, a hard-working farmer in the village of Isieke.

You can download this book from the link below: